Terms & Conditions

This section is dedicated to explaining the terms and conditions applicable to your usage of the Website or software. Read all the terms carefully before using and/or registering with OffersTarget.

You accept to agree to them by using our software or Website. In case of disagreement to any of the terms listed herein, you may choose not to continue with the service provided by our platform.

The terms listed below apply to your usage of any advance service agreement and pricing statements that you choose to avail from OffersTarget. Additional terms that we further add to the Website are also subject to the terms and conditions mentioned here. It should also be considered that all the terms listed below are applicable to the use of websites and domains owned/provided by OffersTarget.

I affirm that I am 18 years of age or above or that my parents/guardians have reviewed the terms and conditions listed below to which they voluntarily agree on my behalf.

The terms and conditions listed below by OffersTarget are binding and compelled to be followed by the user and should be read carefully since they dictate significant terms to understand the platform. The terms mentioned here are binding to the user whether they are a registered user or the visitor on the Website. (The terms are defined below)

A regular visitor on the Website who is not registered with OffersTarget cannot access or view the entire information on the platform. Only some parts of the Website are available for the individual (business/person) who is/are not registered with us and it is important for them to comply with Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, End-User Agreement or any other site rules and laws.

OffersTarget has the right to modify or change the Terms and Conditions listed here, whether in part or whole at any given time. The modification/changes will be duly displayed on the Website. The modified or new Terms and Conditions are deemed to be acceptable if the user continues the usage of the Website after the changes in terms. In the case of disagreement to any of the current or future Terms and Conditions, the user is advised to not use the Website or the software. Amendments in the Terms and Conditions result in immediate applicability on the visitors and users.

At OffersTarget, we prioritise our user's privacy. We have created an entire section of Privacy Policy on our Website to inform you about what information we collect and how that information is used, shared and protected by Us.

The user is advised to carefully read the Privacy Policies. By using the Website, you consent the collection and usage of your information by us as defined in the Privacy Policy section.

Design, arrangement, expression and all the content used in Our Website is our Proprietary property and is licensed and protected by the copyright and trademark laws of India and outside. You are not allowed to display, copy, modify, create derivatives, or exploit our Content in any other way unless you obtain written permission from Us.

We only allow the use of the Website for non-commercial purposes. We strictly condemn the use of the Website for any illegal purpose, as prohibited by our Terms or in a way that obstructs Our or any user's operations and usage of the Website.

Following are the Terms that you agree to while using our Website:

  • Non-application of hacking/fraudulent software or tools.
  • Non-usage of any automated interface or means like iframe, robot, crawler, spider, scraper or anything else that has not been provided by us as the medium to access the Website to but not limiting to extracting, aggregation, copying, displaying, distributing or publishing any data or Content available on our Website.
  • Agreement to not modify or change any Websites in a way that is not permitted by Us.
  • Agreement to not upload any file that may damage OfersTarget system or Our Website in any way.

You can always reach out to us at support@offerstarget.com in case of violation of any of these Terms.

The user is required/allowed to register with Website and create a user ID and password. The user accepts that all the information provided while the process of creating the account and registering with us is accurate, updated and complete. While maintaining the confidentiality of the password is entirely the user's responsibility, you should contact us as soon as possible if you doubt that someone else is using your account.

We shall not be held responsible in case of any unlikely condition resulting due to disobeying these Terms.

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OffersTarget is not to be held responsible for the actions and content of the third parties displayed on Our Website. The links of other websites and the content hosted by such parties on our Website may require your personal or general information, in either case, we suggest you to read the Terms and Conditions and other relevant policies of the respective third party.

The user agrees that We have the right to terminate your access to the Website due to relevant reasons. The Website is continuously updated and the features and functionalities are modified. In such scenarios, the User accepts any attempts to access the Website without Our permission.

This section explains your legal rights-

You can reach out to us at support@offerstarget.com in case of any problem related to the usage of the Website. But in case of any problem that is beyond our control resulting in any claim, dispute or cause of action that is the outcome of these Terms and is related to Us, such claim shall be addressed to us within one year. The failure to claim such a case with us in a year results in loss of the right to bring it. Notwithstanding any conflicts of law rules, all the Terms and Conditions on this Website are governed by the laws of the State of India. By agreeing to use this Website and therefore, accepting the Terms and Conditions, you accept the exclusive jurisdiction of India. You agree to indemnify Us and keep us harmless from any losses, expenses, claims, costs (including attorney's fee) or damages in case you bring a claim resulting due to the use of Website. A dispute with anyone else that relates to OffersTarget shall stand in your agreement of not holding us liable for such dispute. All disputes and claims are subjected to Delhi jurisdiction.

Our Website is available on 'as is' basis and we lawfully disclaim the warranty or representation of any kind to Our Websites. We entirely and lawfully disclaim

  1. (a) merchantability warranty
  2. (b) warranties against the violation of law by any third-party
  3. (c) warranties against delivery and transmission of the websites
  4. (d) warranty of the data on the Website in terms of reliability, accuracy, and completeness
  5. (e) warranties concerning non-performance, performance or other omissions or acts of OffersTarget or third party.

We also disclaim the warranty of fulfilling all the requirements or needs of any person through Our Website. We deny any express or implied representation or warranty

  1. (a) of the absence of any mistake, omission, defect, interruption, delay in operation typographical error or technical accuracy from the date or content shown on Our Website
  2. (b) availability of Website at any particular or given time or location
  3. (c) of corrections of errors and defects
  4. (d) absence of any kind of virus or harmful component on the Website.

OffersTarget is not responsible or is not to be held liable for damage resulting due to use, misuse, access or incapability to use the Website, to the maximum extent permitted by the law. The User shall also not hold us liable for any damage caused due to error, omission, failure of performance, interruption, delay in operation, defect or computer virus, transmission, or failure of line or system. OffersTarget is not to be held liable for lost profits or any other consequential or special damage. This is to be adhered to even if you have advised or informed us of such possible damages. $100 or the total amount paid by you to us in the last six months is our aggregate liability to you in case of any claim resulting due to the Website. We might adhere to the maximum extent permitted by the law in case the law controls our limit liability figures. In such a case, the above-mentioned limitations on liability will not be applicable to you.

This is to inform the user that these Terms and Conditions can be changed by us any time. We request you to stay updated regularly. All the changes made in the Terms will be duly posted on the Website. Your continuity of the usage of the Website implies that you have agreed to the updated Terms.

The User is required to pay a license fee to the Provider of the access to service (sub-license) and use of the Software via Website. This amount would be according to the prices listed in the Price Sheet at www.offerstarget.com/pricing. The User agrees that the Owner of the services is entitled to change the Price at any given time at its sole discretion. The changes made in the pricing shall be duly updated on the Website by the Owner. The conditions of payment and the terms of the invoice are available in the End-User agreement and all the prices displayed are quoted in USD.

The User accepts that the Owner is not responsible for the software or site related actions and inactions of the User that may comply with the applicable laws.

Applicable laws related to the usage of the site and the software must be adhered to by every User. The User or Visitor must not

  1. (a) fake their identity by acting like any other individual/company
  2. (b) infringe rights of the third-party.

The User agrees that the responsibility of any kind of damage, whether tangible or intangible, is solely the User's responsibility and not the Owner's. No matter if the damage is directly or indirectly the result of the User's action while using the software or the site and is caused by a legal or natural person, the Owner is not to be held responsible for damage of any kind in any way.

Following are the points that the User undertakes:

  1. 1. all the information given during the registration process with the Website, including name, address, contact details and billing information is true and authentic.
  2. 2. only once can the User sign up with the Website.
  3. 3. the Website is not for the use of any unlawful activity
  4. 4. the Website shouldn't be copied and the information posted on the Website by the Owner or third party is not for illegal use.
  5. 5. All the information provided by The User on the Website is correct

Following are the points that the User and the Visitors undertake:

  1. 1. they shall not infringe the right, whether property rights or personal non-property rights, of any third party and/or the Owner. This also includes intellectual property rights.
  2. 2. they shall not violate any laws and regulations while using the platforms provided by OffersTarget
  3. 3. the User agrees to not upload any file or data that is against the law or carries a virus that can
    1. (a) cause damage to the property of third party or the Owner
    2. (b) disrupts the normal functioning of the Website or/and the software
    3. (c) damages other User's experience of the Site and/or Software and/or their device.

Use of the Website is strictly prohibited for any illegal purpose which goes against the Terms and Conditions including, but not limiting to

  1. (i) not using any software or tool to hack, cheat or interfere with the functioning of Website and/or software
  2. (ii) no use of any iframe, spider, robot, scraper, crawler or any other tool or the interface that we have not provided to access the information and contents of the Website or the Software for the purpose of extracting, copying, aggregating, publishing, displaying or damaging the data available on our platforms
  3. (iii) not retrieve any information like email address, contact number of the account holder, data of the platform, etc. from the Website or the software (iv) to not use the Website for any obscene, illegal, immoral or offensive act.

Solely User is, not the Owner or Provider or other licensees, is responsible for the behaviour of User while surfing the platform, including the behaviour of employees or any unauthorized person.

The confidentiality of the password and account and the actions that are taken under that password or account are the complete responsibility of the User. In case of any complication related to the same, the User agrees to

  1. (i) inform the Owner or Provider immediately of suspicious use of the account or any other breach of security
  2. (ii) accepts to exit from the account at the end of each session. Any damage resulting from non-compliance to the above-mentioned obligations shall not be the liability of the Owner or Provider.

The User also undertakes and agrees to update the information that has become outdated or irrelevant, immediately.

The User warrants and represents to that

  1. (i) you are 18 years of age or the above
  2. (ii) shall act in accordance with the site rules like Terms and Conditions, End-User Agreement and others
  3. (iii) exercise the right to represent the legal entity on whose behalf you use the software and proceed the payments
  4. (iv) accept to fully pay all the taxes for the usage of site and software and others
  5. (v) shal duly pay the fee of any and all paid softwares or services mentioned in the price list to the Owner or Provider.

Any non-compliance with the above-mentioned obligations shall result in an obligation for the User to pay the Owner/Provider the full compensation for losses or damage incurred due to the same.

The Owner/Provider enjoys the complete right, at the sole discretion, to suspend or limit the right of a User or Visitor to use the Website and/or Software at any time. The Owner/Provider can also cancel a User's account or/and deny re-registration or/and re-accessing the site and/or software.

In case of any tangible breach of Terms and Conditions and/or End-User Agreement mentioned herein, the Owner has the complete right to suspend, terminate or block the User account partially or fully and deny the right to use the Site and/or Software, at his sole discretion.

For the purpose of avoiding any illegal activity on the Site, the Owner has the right to check the actions of the Owner or the Visitor and the User and Visitor agrees to the same. The Owner can collect information about User's conduct at any given time to ensure the safety of the Site and the User and Visitors.

The Owner has the right to

  1. (i) make changes or modify or update the Site and/or Software
  2. (ii) add or remove the features or/and functionalities on the Site
  3. (iii) stop the functioning of the Site fully or partially.

Owner is the sole operator of the Site and the Software and is responsible for their maintenance. The right to modify or change the Website does not lie with the Provider in any way, nor does he exercise the right to use the Software. Except for licensee Level Support, the Provider doesn't provide any service.

The operations of the Site and the Software by the third party can any time be suspended or terminated by the Owner at his sole discretion along with the right to provide notifications to the User through the commercial means.

While collecting the personal/corporate data of the Users, all the provisions of law and Privacy Policies of the Website shall be adhered to. The information relevant to the account and all the corporate/personal data will not be deleted by the Owner if the User Account is cancelled. The choice of storing, retaining or deleting such information lies with the Owner. This is important in case of any investigation or otherwise that might be needed by the law against the violation of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, or any other rules of the site.

Content of Site- Texts, images, graphics, trademarks, logos, service marks, or any other content on the Site, are all preserved by Copyright and other intellectual property laws under both, the foreign and Indian laws. The Owner solely owns these rights. Copying the site content results in the violation of the above-mentioned laws. Anyone is strictly prohibited from modifying, selling, reproducing, distributing, displaying, otherwise using or exploiting the Site content for both, personal or commercial purpose.

Limited Warranty- Use of the Site and Software is at User's own risk. The accuracy, completeness, reliability, and timeliness of the Content on the Site is not represented by the Owner, Provider and/or Owner's Licensees. Content and the information can anytime be modified and updated by the Owner. The Owner does not warranty absence of any virus, harmful tools, or error on the Site. Provider and Owner are also not liable for the cost of any resulting servicing or replacement of the equipment or data on the Site and/or Software. All the site content is provided without any warranty and on an 'as is' basis.

Indemnity- The User undertakes to protect, indemnify and not held liable the Owner, Provider and/or the Owner's Licensee, directors, it's officers, agents, employees, etc. from any actions, demands or claims along with the legal and accounting fees due to User's use of the Site and/or Software or the Content or non-compliance with any of the Terms and Conditions. User shall receive a prompt notice from the Owner for any such claim, proceedings and suits and will be fully assisted by the same at User's expenses in the process of defending any such matter.

User Submissions- The User accepts that all the information provided by them through the medium of comments, questions, suggestions, reviews, feedback, ideas or anything else can be reused, used or shared by the Owner, excluding those that result in the violation of the Privacy Policy. Kindly note that such information is not classified as User's intellectual property. Information and data that the User uploads and is processed by the Software on the User's behalf is still the property of the User. All such User data can anytime be retrieved, downloaded, copied and duplicated by the User. The Owner can rightly use trademark, User's logo, name for posting service or promotional purposes during both the Term of this agreement and till a period of three years after the suspension of this agreement.

Links to the other Sites- The content of the linked third-party sites and its accuracy on the Website and the Software is not the responsibility of the Owner. Accessing any third party link through a Website is solely the discretion of the User.

Miscellaneous- Any provision of these Terms and Conditions being found invalid by the law shall not result in the cancellation of the validity of the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions. All other provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain in force. The laws of India govern all the Terms and Conditions of the Site. The End-User Agreement defines the procedure of settling any dispute and the same shall be followed in case of claims and disputes. The entire agreement between the User and the Owner/Provider constitutes these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, End-User Agreement and other site rules.

No refunds are allowed in the Postpaid Billing Mode. For the Prepaid Billing mode, User can only ask for the return of the unused service period within 2 days of payment. Refund charges will not be borne by OffersTarget.

Billing process of OffersTarget begins after the end of the same month, after using the services for a month. The invoices are issued to the client.

In case any section of these Terms is held illegal, void or unenforceable for any reason, the rest of the Terms shall continue to be enforceable in the same manner. Non-enforcement of any of these Terms does not result in the renunciation of Owner's rights. Only the waivers in the written document form signed by an authorized representative of OffersTarget shall be held valid.