Powerful Features of Offers Target: Performance Marketing Platform in India

  • Real-time Smart Insights Detailed compilation of granular data and in-depth information to help you optimize your campaign activities, analyse the performance better and plan for your future campaigns.
  • Fraud Detection Our advanced AI supported fraud detection mechanism is designed to safeguard your marketing campaigns from fraud partner profiles, fraud partner activities or any other deceitful activities.
  • Smart Links At OffersTarget, we prioritise the convenience and ease of affiliate marketing before anything. Introducing smart links to automate and compile all the links to measure campaign growth.
  • Robust and Secure Tracking Reliable and accurate tracking mechanism that is absolutely hack-proof and creates a comprehensive picture of your campaign journey.
  • Infinite Scalability Infrastructure Our state-of-the-art infrastructure with 99.9% uptime server supports geographically distributed networks to allow highly reliable scalability
  • User Friendly Affiliates and Advertisers Management OffersTarget brings the learning curve down by providing a tailor-made user friendly platform to make sure that you focus only on making the most out of your partner marketing campaigns without any hassle.